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Read The Resignation Letter That Sparked Over Half a Million Views on!


"In the case of Fancy Frenchwood, she has chosen her words with great care, both during and following the circumstances that led her to author this book, and has acted with great courage as well."


                                  Cheryl Snapp Conner, Entrepreneur & Author of Over 300 Articles                                 


"A liberating journey of what could be when one truly understands and then embraces the opportunity to seize the day to be their most empowered self."


                                  Jamal Parker, CEO Tauran Management Group                                 

Excerpt from The Perfect Resignation Letter - I Fired My Boss by Fancy Frenchwood


"I recall a recent incident during a meeting with my VP of HR, my boss at the time, and several colleagues. We were discussing some of the challenges facing the human resources team, employee turnover, absenteeism, high rate of corrective action and more.


I suggested developing an employee retention strategy as a tactical approach to addressing these issues. Mr. VP of HR disagreed and dismissed my suggestion without consideration, with a look of annoyance, that I perceived to utter, “Shut the fuck up.”


My goal was to respectfully assert my position, however, I was careful to avoid appearing combative. As I began to explain my reasons for suggesting a retention strategy, he grew increasingly annoyed. It was obvious that he did not appreciate that I had the audacity to express an opposing view in front of colleagues.


At this point, I perceived his look of disdain to say, “Who the hell do you think you are?” Telepathically, I replied, “I'm Fancy Frenchwood, bitch!” (in my best Dave Chappelle-Rick James-parody inner voice)."



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The Perfect Resignation Letter



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Excerpt from the foreword by Cheryl Snapp Conner (Entrepreneur and author of nearly 300 articles)


"In every columnist or journalistic contributor’s work there are some stories that reverberate in ways the author could never have known or intended. For the past two-and-a-half years I have authored nearly 300 articles about business and communications for the Entrepreneurs Channel of


I came to know the author, Fancy Frenchwood, as she became a reader of my columns and left comments on several occasions about how the themes I’d written about had resonated particularly deeply with her. One of those articles discussed the issue of profanity in the workplace, and when (if ever) it would be advisable to confront a bad boss. She responded with a comment: “I did it. Your article gave me the courage to write the perfect resignation letter, and to leave the organization I work for to seek a new job.” I was impressed, and I wished her the best.


Although Fancy gave me permission to run her letter verbatim, at Forbes’ request I redacted the names of the individuals and company involved. However, the parties involved and others in the region and community around them recognized the company instantly. Word emerged that an emergency board meeting was held. In the weeks that followed the article, some leaders resigned, and others were fired. The full ripple effects of the negative exposure reverberated for many months.


Meanwhile, more than a year and a half after the article’s original printing, it has been read by more than half a million people, and it typically receives 500-1,000 new views every day."


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